Ishizue, South Bay Japanese Community Network, located on the third floor in the Yu-AI Kai building in San Jose Japantown, is organized and operated by volunteers to help and support the Japanese speaking community. We provide information through email and telephone consultation in order to help callers to locate resources. We also host workshops throughout the year, which cover varieties of topics, to share useful information with the community.

In 2013 and onward, we are trying to reach out to the Japanese American community in San Jose Japantown in order to bridge the two communities and cultures.  One of the programs that we started is a volunteer referral program.  If you’re an non-profit organization and need volunteers especially Japanese speaking volunteers, please contact us.

We also started writing articles on non-profit organizations and culture classes in San Jose Japantown.  We introduce San Jose Japantown to the Japanese speaking community, hoping that they will come out to Japantown, get to know more about it, and get involved.  Please contact us if you know someone whom we should interview.

Please feel free to contact us at info@sjishizue.org.